Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting the Grain Gone Before Snow Arrives

The weather has been cooperative with just a couple of dustings of snow. It makes the days pleasant, especially when the sun shines.
 We have been busy getting grain out of the bin and on the road to the elevator.
 This job is often done when the snow is much deeper in GriggsDakota. Our early finish to harvest gives us the chance to start hauling before we need to deal with all the white stuff.
Of course, the truth is that there are fewer bushels to haul out here.
We are not worried about running out of things to do if the grain hauling continues to run smoothly.  Not having to move snow drifts saves hours of time. So although you can see there has been some snow, and some pretty cold temperatures during November, Winter has not gotten a grip. 
There will be a long Winter road ahead.  
We can still see the rock piles in GriggsDakota. This is one of my favorites, neatly hand stacked by men who picked every rock by hand. I once found an old white pottery pitcher near this rock pile.  I would not be surprised to learn that it arrived in a covered wagon. If only the pitcher could tell me.
Since the pitcher remains silent, I surmise about the possibilities. 

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