Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bringing Home the Hay

In anticipation of heavy snow, Cattleman Jim and Grandpa Sonny have been diligently bringing the hay in off the fields.
It's the last field work we do each year. 
A sure sign that Winter is on its way. 
In past years, when snow came early and the hay was left in the field, White Tail Deer in Winter destroyed some of the crop. 
Even when we keep it close to the farmsteads, ready for feeding each day, 
Hungry deer will find it. 
All we can do 
Is all we can do. 
So we do what we can 
And hope we can live through what comes. 
It's hard to know how much will be enough 
As we work to keep the cattle fed and healthy through the GriggsDakota Winter.

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