Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taking Land Out of CRP

The contract is up on some of our land that has been in the Conservation Reserve Program and we have decided to return it to production. Read More about CRP in North Dakota by clicking on the link.
The CRP Program was begun as a way to take marginal land out of crop production and return it to grassland.  Farmers agree to follow the prescribed program.
 It is carefully managed to be sure that the weeds are controlled. The goal is for the land to retain as much organic matter as possible during its time in the program.
 The grass mixtures are specific to meet the needs of wildlife and birds.  Over the years CRP has become less of a farm program and more of a wildlife program by providing habitat for birds and wild animals.
So why take it out of the program? On this piece, which is near our prime farmland, trees have begun to sprout up. 
The scrub trees that volunteer on the land are already tough to knock down. 
 If left alone, they will grow up as these have and it will be very difficult to return the land to crop production.
Protected by the grass, the tree seeds, which blow in on the wind or are dropped by birds, sprout readily.  
 Pocket gophers have moved into the area that we are breaking up making it rough.
This year it was very wet, clipping the weeds was impossible when it should have been done in July. 
Farmer Fred is running the Wishek disc over the field. 
This pass will be followed by the Salford RTS to further chop the surface residue. 
Next year we will harvest a crop here, at least that is the plan in GriggsDakota.


  1. I was just talking about CRP lands returning to production and the impact it could have on the need for cattle grazing in the South.
    Thanks for sharing the points on CRP. One question (just because I am not familiar with your area), what led to the decision to return the land to row crops versus other forms of Ag production (i.e. grazing)?

  2. The location and the soil type are deciding factors in this case. Thank you for reading our blog.

  3. Hi,
    We just bought a piece of property that has been in CRP for six years. We are going to buy out a small chunk of this to do some vegetable farming. Did you have to go before the county in your area to get approval to buy out the CRP?

    thank you,
    Farmer in Minnesota

  4. Contracts vary in detail and length. To remove a small part of a larger contract, your county FSA office will be able to guide you. Thank you for reading GriggsDakota.