Monday, October 17, 2011

Starting the Corn Harvest

It's always an adventure to start combining corn. 
If we're lucky, as we have been so far this year, the days are brisk and beautiful. 
For some farmers, it is the favorite part of harvest. It is a relatively new crop to the area and always brings a new challenge. The corn this year has been damaged by wind. There has been green snap, cob loss, and stalks tipped down caused by our relentless wind and storms. Some fields are yielding better than others. Thank goodness.
That means that we will be studying corn varieties and analyzing the traits in new varieties to see if we can find options to stand up to these conditions. Farmers always want next season to be better. 
The ground in the fields is too soft to carry loaded trucks, so the grain cart makes trips to solid ground to fill the trucks.
We've had the threat of rain every day and night. 
 After an initial inch of rain, there have been more clouds and wind than precipitation.
Our boots get wet in the morning. There are showers at night, but we have been able to work through the days. 
Sometimes the raindrops fall and we wonder where they came from. The sky seems too sunny to allow drops to fall all the way to the ground. There were just a few and soon disappeared.
We've started corn harvest and that is enough for now. There is corn in the elevator and corn in the bin from GriggsDakota.

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