Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soybean Harvest Inspected and Analyzed

The soybean harvest was progressing quickly with hot days and wind that allowed the combines to start before noon. 
The Farm Inspector was looking forward to checking out the fields. 
Farmer Fred reminded her that the combine cab is air conditioned, so she borrowed my shirt. "It will fit me," she assured. 
And off they went. 
 The soybean yields were a disappointment. The low spots where it drowned out pulled the yield down in some fields. The moisture went down to 9% which also impacts yield.
It was a race to finish the field.
The Ag Analyst cheered to see Farmer Fred's combine ahead as they finished one field and prepared to move to another.  
 The day was golden. We have enjoyed the nicest stretch of weather all year in October. Very unusual, but most welcome, it has been just what we needed to get the crops off.
 The Farm Inspector noticed that the soybeans were small in some places. Some of the small beans were probably the result of frost damage last month.
The Ag Analyst was ready to analyze the data gathered by the Inspector. 
The Farm Inspector loves the tracks and reported that Farmer Fred is doing a good job.
The Ag Analyst decided her Inspector's report required a closer look, so fortified by fruit snacks she braved the elements. 
 And climbed aboard the combine. 
Strapped in the buddy seat, she got to see the soybeans being harvested as she took her turn in the combine, even though she thought it was a little too noisy.
Considering the challenges of the season in GriggsDakota, the soybeans did alright. 
Now we are thankful it is behind us.


  1. It's been a strange year here in southern Ohio... heavy rains in the spring hurt a lot of the regularly planted soybeans... the moisture made many of the double-crop beans planted after wheat some of the best ever, but then you go to northern Ohio and it's dryer than a Texas lake...

    That Ag Inspector looks like she had a great time...

    Dann in Ohio

  2. looks like a good day for all...

  3. Fabulous photos Jane. Always a pleasure to read your blog, just don't read it enough. Will have to ask you to be my friend on Facebook. D. Huso