Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pinto Beans 2011 Harvested

 Cattleman Jim has been running the Pickett-One Step through the pinto bean fields.
I have photographed this machine before. Click Here to visit that post. It explains how it does the job of cutting and preparing edible beans for harvest.
 I am always impressed by nature's packages.
Each pinto bean is encased and held securely as is grows. The bean matures and the pod dries making the now sturdy beans easy to remove from the dried pod.
The combine follows the swaths of beans prepared by thePickett. 
 The bean plants are cut off near the ground to get under the beans that hang low to the ground.
 Because of the dry conditions necessary to harvest beans that on the ground, bean harvest is dusty.
The bean crop is small this year. The low spots are drown out and the best beans are on the hills. 
 Have you noticed that we don't have many hills in GriggsDakota?
Farmer Fred backs in to dump his hopper. 
We use a Case IH 1482 combine that has been set up especially for edible bean harvest. 
 It does a great job. We have about 1% splits, that is beans that spilt in two, which is remarkably good. Click Here to visit our trip to the receiving station last season. This excellent old combine is one of the reasons we raise Number One Pinto Beans. 
The old faithful Case IH 1482 does good work in GriggsDakota, as we finish harvesting pinto beans.

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