Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Night it Couldn't Rain

There was an evening that was trying to rain. 
You can see the drops falling from the clouds in the photo above. The air was very warm and dry.
None of the drops could fall all the way to the ground before evaporating. 
The air became humid and held the dust near the surface of the ground. 
The dust clouds were forced to stay near the ground from which they came by the moisture falling from the clouds above. Our machines looked surreal as the combine unloaded soybeans on the go into the grain cart.
It never rained. The dust rolled down the nearby pasture hills and settled where it could. 
 The sky and ground became distinct.
As the sun settled over both. 
We kept combining, while we enjoyed the unusual evening. 
Combines harvested soybeans, unloaded into the grain cart which carried them to the trucks. 
The trucks kept the dust flying, close to the ground, back and forth to the bins. 
On the evening that it couldn't rain 
In GriggsDakota.

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