Thursday, October 20, 2011

Continuing Corn Harvest

Corn harvest has been continuing this week.
We've switched out the flex heads on the combines for corn heads. 
The sharp points on the corn head fit between the corn rows. 
The stalks are forced to give up the cobs of corn which are funneled through the combine. 
 The stalks left in the field are called stover. Click Here to visit last year's post explaining Corn Stover.
From the combine it is emptied into the grain cart. 
The combine hoppers fill up quickly during corn harvest, so the grain cart is on the go. 
 The grain cart has to drive to a firm dry spot where the truck can be filled with the heavy corn.
If the grain cart can't keep up the combine would drive over to a truck to empty its grain tank, which is called the combine hopper. It happens sometimes, but we prefer to not stop the combines whenever possible.
 And on it goes...
Until we finish in GriggsDakota.

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