Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cattle Are Waiting for Corn Harvest to End

The cattle have been enjoying our pleasant October weather. 
The grass has been well watered this year. 
 The cattle seem very purposeful as they keep their noses down and munch away.
There is plenty for them to eat in the pastures. 
But they know their fences are keeping them away from the good stuff. 
Far away in the fields the corn is being harvested and I'm sure the old cows know what is coming next. They smell it in the air. 
The calves that have been Cattleman Jim's pet this Summer wandered away from the yard the other day. 
 They didn't go far.
But I wondered if the smell of grain in the air caused them to go out and seek their fortune for the first time. 
When the corn harvest is finished, Cattleman Jim will put electric wires around the corn stover and the cows will feast. 
Until then, they are enjoying grass that is still green as Summer in GriggsDakota.