Monday, October 3, 2011

The Beauty of Structure

 The machine shed continues to rise on the landscape.
There are changes every day.  
There has been some wind, of course, but otherwise the weather has cooperated with warm sunny afternoons. 
So warm that sweatshirts are laid aside and forgotten in the afternoon sunshine. 
It has been interesting as the wooden bones are raised and fastened over the gravel which will be the building's floor. 
Part of the beauty of this phase of construction is the temporary nature of it. 
Soon the metal skin will make the building function as it should. 
 It will not be just an object of beauty as the sun rises. This photo looks best when enlarged by clicking on it.
 In truth, the roof is already covered and machines are parked under it. No more sky view.
Soon, we will not be able to watch the sun rise through the building. 
We all enjoy this fleeting beauty.
Knowing that there is no substitute for solid bones.


  1. Nice photos... I think I have barn envy... we have a Morton building that is twice as big as we budgeted and half as big as I wanted... lol...

    Dann in Ohio