Tuesday, October 4, 2011

AdFarmers: You Have Soybeans

The soybeans are ripe and dry, so we went out to start harvesting the AdFarm crop 
Where there are soybean pods in the field, there are lots of soybeans. 
The Case IH 2388 Combine is outfitted with its Model 1020 30-foot flex  head for the job. It cuts and combines the plants, removing the soybeans and leaving the dry pods, leaves and stems on the field. 
Our agronomist has warned us that the areas of drown out where the yield is 0-5 bushels per acre will quickly cut the field average yield. The photo above is not drown out, but an area that was too wet to seed last Spring which also impacts the overall yield of the field.
The Pioneer 90Y42 soybeans are coming off at 9.2 percent moisture.
From the field to the combine hopper, then to the grain cart and onto the truck, the soybeans appear to be whole and clean. 
From here, the soybeans will be taken to a bin and stored. 
Pioneer will take samples and carefully evaluate the soybeans based on whole beans (versus those that are cracked) and germination. 
The weather has cooperated and harvest progress has been continuous. 
AdFarmers now officially have a crop of Pioneer 90Y42 Soybeans for 2011.

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