Monday, September 26, 2011

Wishek Nathan Has a Plan

There are changes happening in GriggsDakota. These changes are thanks to Wishek Nathan. Let me explain.
Wishek Nathan always has a plan. When we first met him, his plan was to marry our daughter. 
Although we were thrilled with that plan, we have always wondered whose plan it was.  
This time the plans had our name on them. 
 Wishek Nathan came out to get started on his plans last Spring.
He measured and calculated. 
He brought specialized instruments to help him get things right.

When Nathan needed help, he called his father at Pinke Lumber. Eldon Pinke is the man who taught Nathan how to plan. 
The plans were going to change the skyline in our yard. The old pole barn would be torn down. The cement pad would be salvaged. The sheets of steel reused. 
We started with gravel. 
It was shocking to see how much gravel it took. 
As the summer progressed, the pole barn was torn down and a smaller building was built to replace it.  
Occasionally trucks would arrive in GriggsDakota with supplies, all part of a plan authorized by Wishek Nathan.
The carpenter and his crew arrived and went to work. The carpenter's crew includes his wife, daughter, son, and daughter in law, among others. When I watched them setting posts, my palms were sweaty. It made me nervous.
 Wishek Nathan refers to it as getting some sticks in the ground.
Our man with the plans is many miles away. I want him to see that everything looks straight and true. 
The crew keeps busy.
Pinke Lumber appears to have all the right materials on hand at the farm.
 If only Wishek Nathan and his family could be here to watch the first sunset through the new window.
We hope to watch many more sunsets in GriggsDakota.


  1. Looking good! Having a plan is one thing but working with people that have a vision and can make the descions that make it happen are the most important parts of a good plan. Combine that with a crew that is efficient yet detailed and it is a making of something great. This phase is fun to watch, each day much more appears!
    Wishek Nathan

  2. I was hoping Wishek Nathan would comment! :) Good job NAP!

  3. It looks really great. Awesome in fact. I can't wait to see it when it is finished.

  4. Thankfully Nathan has a plan because I never do! Great pics Mom and you completely nailed it on who my husband is. He ALWAYS has a plan!

  5. What is it you're building exactly (says the city slicker who is not related to any of the main characters)?

  6. Aimee,
    It's a gravel floored bulding to keep farm equipment out of the elements. We'll also use it to work on big machinery when the weather isn't so nice.

    Thanks for following.

    Farmer Fred