Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wishek Girl, Wishek Disk

The Farm Inspector, a Wishek girl, likes nothing better than to get strapped into the tractor when Farmer Fred is pulling the Wishek disc.
Our Wishek is a fifteen foot piece of equipment that we use for weed control.
The Wishek Disc is manufactured in Wishek, North Dakota. Click on the link to visit their site. 
We have areas where weeds, particularly Foxtail barley are growing in wet unseeded ground. We need to control that and the Wishek does a good job of cleaning those weeds up with one pass. 
It is interesting to note that there is moisture just under the dusty surface. 
This creek is usually dry this time of year. This year it is not. 
In fact, it has been flooded all Summer and Cattleman Jim was unable to put up any hay here. 
 Only in recent days has it been dry enough to attempt to clean up the edge of the fields near its banks.
 The Farm Inspector is happy to help.
She is happy to stop.  
She is happy to move on to another inspection.
The Farm Inspector is just plain happy to be in GriggsDakota.

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