Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why the Line Up in the Field?

Have you ever noticed a line up of combines or machinery in a field and wondered why they were parked so neatly in a row?
Wouldn't it be easier to stop where you finish for the night? Instead, farmers tend to carefully park the machines together.
Machinery requires daily service and maintenance.
Lining up the machinery in the field makes things handier. 
Field service tanks are often carried in the box of a pickup.
Machines are thirsty. 
 They require daily checking and greasing. Belts, bolts and settings are checked.
 It's nice to get the windows washed on the cabs. The field is a dusty place with many insects. It's important to clean up some of the dust and chaff as it is combustible in dry conditions.
 We talk things over and plan the day.
Then we pack up the equipment. 
And start the engines.
The harvest goes on in GriggDakota.

1 comment:

  1. I have always wondered that, but you know felt funny asking my brother-in-law why.
    So glad you answered that.
    It looks so huge in your pictures to see all of that equipment.