Thursday, September 15, 2011

We're Frozen in GriggsDakota

Weather forecasters have sincerely promised that by the time the sun begins to warm the land tomorrow, the growing season in GriggsDakota will be over. Record cold temperatures have been predicted. That will mean what is in the field is what we have to harvest. There will be no more green and growing here this year.
We went out to check the pinto beans and found there are lots of mature beans out in the field. 
On close examination, there are some green beans still hanging on the vines.
 Although many of the beans have fully striped,
Some pods contain immature beans. 
Green or immature beans means fewer bushels in the bin and discounts when we sell. 
There are areas that have drown out during our wet Summer. The last couple of weeks have been dry, so the geese have found other spots to swim.
We wish we could have ordered a couple more weeks of Summer, but we will deal with the freezing cold in GriggsDakota.

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