Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soybean Progress

As Fall becomes more evident, the daytime light becomes more beautiful in GriggsDakota. It was a fine day to check the soybean fields, including the AdFarm Soybean field.
 Because the Pioneer 90Y42 Soybeans are being raised for seed, there is a distinct separation between the fields. Seed soybeans must be kept separate.
The ground is well shaded which deters weed growth and conserves moisture for the plants. 
The soybeans are growing up tall as they produce beans. 
 There are spots where we could not plant.
There are spots that have gotten too wet to be productive, but overall the soybeans that have survived are doing well.
I pulled a few plants from the AdFarm field to check production potential and overall plant health. Notice that the minor hail damage that these plants have endured is still evident. 
There are between 38-50 three-bean pods on each of the plants that I pulled to sample. 
 The roots are adequately established and healthy. The little balls that you see on the soybean plant's root are nitrogen nodules. These nodules allow the plant to convert nitrogen from the air into useable nutrition.
There is a beautiful crop in this field, not spectacular, but it has potential. Weather could be our friend or foe. In GriggsDakota the date of the first killing frost varies from late August through late October. The later the frost the happier Farmer Fred and the AdFarmers will be this year.
As we wait for the Soybeans to finish in GriggsDakota.

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