Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Culverts Installed

The farmsteads in GriggsDakota are near a finger lake that carries water to the Sheyenne River.
There is a road that runs across the lake that we and many others travel every day. 
 We enjoy the view from the road and the convenience it provides. In recent years we have had more water in the lake and it seemed to be stuck on the upstream side of the road.
I commented to a neighbor about that and she reminded me that this area is an ancient lake bed waiting to be filled. I found a site that explains Ancient Lake Agassiz that you can visit to learn more.
 We may be in a lake bed, but the water experts determined that the tired old culvert was part of the problem.
 Freezing and thawing for years and years had tipped the level and the water had to flow uphill. That meant that the culvert never ran at capacity.
 You may have noticed that there is a shiny new culvert resting in a nearby ditch.
The experts have been waiting for over a year for the water to recede enough to install it.
It finally happened. They dug a channel for it down to the rock bed of the original road. 
They brought in special packing material that will hold the culvert in place through the seasons. 
The water experts determined that a second smaller culvert would be needed to enhance the flow during floods.
 The shiny culvert that had become part of the landscape was installed.
They did a careful job of leveling and packing around the culverts in hopes that the flow will be maintained. 
Then the tired old culvert was placed in the ditch. 
The shiny new culverts took over and we hope will provide many years of service in GriggsDakota. 
Where we live by the lake.

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