Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let Me Show You How This Is Done

The tranquil scene above is thanks to the hopper bottoms we added to the old bins recently. Farmer Fred is leaning on the pickup visiting with Grandpa Sonny as Jake watches the truck fill from under the bin.
 We are filling the pup trailer that is being pulled behind our beautiful Kenworth truck, Sterling Onyx. 
 The bin is nearly empty and Jake is calmly watching the trailer. He moves the truck forward to fill the trailer evenly and get a full load to take to the elevator.
We filled this hopper bin during barley harvest, but we will need to use them for soybeans, so we are moving some barley out.
The old cement floor from the bin makes a smooth surface on which to place the tub. In the tub is the receiving end of the grain auger. The flow from the bin begins  to slow down. 
Farmer Fred steps up and grabs the shovel. 
It appears that some of the barley is stuck on the side. He reaches in to dislodge it. 
 He emerges briefly.
Then climbs up higher. 
Reaching as far as he can, he sweeps the grain in the bin so it flows to the truck. 
He disappears briefly. 
Then  returns, feet first.
 Then drops back to earth.
Off he goes to grab the broom, the bin is empty and clean. It only took a minute or two. Only those among you who have been to the bottom of a barley bin actually know what a big improvement that is.

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  1. I can relate. I've cleaned out my share of grain bins on our family farm in southern Manitoba. Very detailed post with great photos!