Friday, September 9, 2011

Last Dash of Summer

A dragonfly stopped by on my screen window and kindly let me take his picture. 
We have lots of them around this time of year and more than ever, it seems, this year. 
 My grandpa had wood and glass "dragonfly eye" that I used to look through. Somewhat like a kaleidoscope, but with colors like a prism refracting light in pieces. Is that what the dragonfly sees? No wonder that he is not afraid of me. 
There are a things that we are enjoying as we dash toward Fall:  A calm afternoon. 
The fabulous sky. 
The remnants of roses on the land. 
Dragonflies resting on weeds. 
And the colors of nature 
 I enjoy the contrast of green and blossoms with the straw of ripeness. 
Some flowers are surprisingly Spring-like. 
 It makes me wish I could slow these days down.
There are more daisies in the meadow than Summer days remaining in the year. 
The sun has turned the meadow the color of itself. 
The geese are still around, the young have been practicing their new flying skills. 
 And the gulls have not left us, yet, but they will soon.
The robins are gone, but I can watch the dragonflies and wonder what they see.

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  1. Dragonfly...nothing like a Dragonfly....libellule
    in French.