Thursday, September 22, 2011

Inside the Castle

Remember when I went to the Castle? It is where we haul our malting barley.
I enjoyed seeing the castle from afar. 
When we approached, the door was not opened for us.
Today was going to be different. 
We were bringing a load of barley. The prince of the Castle was expecting us. 
We were on the right road. 
The door was opened and we drove in. 
Farmer Fred turns the gears to open the trailer that was filled with barley at the farm. 
It drops quickly and efficiently into the pit beneath the main floor of the castle. The grate is made of heavy cast iron, like the doors of the dungeon should be. 
The wall of the castle holds valuable art. This piece, "No job is so important, No task so great that we cannot afford to take the time to do it safely"  is priceless in the kingdom. 
I had not been along to observe our trailer in operation. 
The pup trailer is specially built to be pulled behind a truck and is manufactured in nearby Greater Dakota.
It was time to empty Sterling Onyx who came on the job to help Old Red last season. 
 The grain flows out and onto the grate below. 
 The truck box is raised on its hoist to keep the barley flowing.
The castle is kept very clean and Farmer Fred is willing to do his part as a serf in the kingdom. 
The castle art speaks to me again as I admire the wall of perfect wooden strips.
Soon, the truck box is empty and we are preparing to leave. 
Farmer Fred locks up the truck box.
I am fascinated. 
 I love everything about visiting the castle. The sight of moving barley turns a simple process into a beautiful moment.
Plus, Barley smells like money to every farmer's daughter in the kingdom. 
There was something else in the back of my mind. The beauty of the walls and structure took me  to a long ago evening. 
We once had dinner in the cave of a California Winery where their wine is aged. It was damp and musty and chilly, relatively speaking. The oak barrels of aging wine lined the walls. In the center was the most elegant table I have ever seen. We were dressed in our finest garments and served a meal fit for royalty. 
 I don't think they serve dinner at this castle.
So we jump in the truck and drive back to our corner of the kingdom in GriggsDakota.


  1. Fabulous JK!! Love the the fascinating sequence of pictures and the story!!

    Hope you have a great day in your corner of the kingdom!!
    R and "boys"

  2. Life on your farm is magical indeed. Love the line "barley smells like money to every farmer's daughter in the kingdom." Think I may have dined in the same wine cave. Enchanting!

  3. Great pictures...
    Regards from France,