Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Haying Must Continue

Haying has continued into September.
Because of the quirks of this season we are haying while we harvest.
The alfalfa hay is done.
Grandpa Sonny has been cutting CRP for hay. 
After the hay is mowed, raked and baled, the bales must be moved off the field.
Cattleman Jim is happy to have the assistance from the Farm Inspector and the 
Ag Analyst. 
Even with lovely Summertime temperatures, we are preparing for Winter. The hayfields have been late and wet this season. Hay is often cut in low spots and creek beds which are dry in July and August. This year they never dried up.
Cattleman Jim has put up quite a bit of barley straw. Our stubble fields are still wet as the tires on his tractor indicate.
He has good help.
And they work on it whenever they can.   
Long range forecasts predict a very snowy and cold winter in GriggsDakota. 
We are forewarned, but will wait and see. 
As we enjoy every moment of frost free sunshine in GriggsDakota's September.

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  1. Trying hard not to be jealous of all that beautiful hay you're still cutting! Hope the weather cooperates.