Thursday, September 1, 2011

Glad to be Done with Barley Harvest

Barley harvest was completed before the end of August and we feel lucky.
We finished before the showers started this week. Although things have been dryer lately, it has been a wet month. Once the showers start up again, it is hard to know when they will stop. September brings a distinct change of seasons. The nights get cool and we lose daylight quickly.
We did swath some of the barley.
We would swath and combine it all in the same day.
The swather and pull type combine worked on a separate field to drop straw for baling.
The grain is lodged and it takes a careful eye to get under it and cut the straw below the heads. 
Our rock picker man, Joe, who claims Rocks are like boogers in the linked post written by Kirsti, missed quite a few rocks on this field which proved another reason to keep a careful watch. 
Farmer Fred would climb down and remove from the front of the combine. 
Then toss it out onto a harvested portion of the field to wait until the next rock picking pass over this ground. 
Farmer Fred climbed back up into the cab to resume his vigilant combining. 
Although we are glad that barley harvest went well, the barley will not bring in a profit this year. Its yield was hurt by the extreme heat in early July. That is why farmers live frugally, we never know how the crop will turn out. There is potential that the later crops could bring in better results. Prices are good and we continue to be hopeful.
 Next time you raise a glass of beer or eat a slice of bread, please remember the American farm. Think of the Great Plains, the pioneers, their families working here through the generations, the care, the uncertainty, and most of all the love that we put into our crops. It is not a folktale. GriggsDakota exists in America today. I invite you to be proud of it, along with me.

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  1. I love Barley. Definitely reminds me of back home! Glad harvest is going well.