Monday, September 19, 2011

Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek

In late August I was contacted by Venessa Wong who was working on an article for Bloomberg Businessweek. I believe she had seen this blog and said she wanted "fresh ideas." 
To introduce myself, I responded with the following paragraph:
"I am not sure how smart or fresh my ideas are, but I do blog five days per week from our farm in North Dakota. I started blogging to tell about our farm from a first hand perspective. Farming has changed a great deal from what many Americans have in their minds as farmer and the farm life. Both art and science, farming is increasingly technical, which is also true in the rest of the world. I believe that what we do is reasonable, sustainable, and good. My family has been here for over 120 years and the land is more productive than ever. That has not happened by accident. We feel responsible to take very good care of our farm and hope that it will remain productive for as long as people on the earth need to eat. I also believe that we have a responsibility to love what is ours, our family, our business, our farm, our country. I need no better reason than this is ours to care for. It is a difficult message to convey to others who have no background or experience with a farm and how it works. Publishing the posts on the Internet means anyone who is interested can gather insight into the life we live here. I once flippantly told my daughter that I blog and "tell our farm story so that Katie Couric doesn't have to." She has repeated that a number of times, and while I mean no disrespect, there is still truth in that statement. We need educated, committed, trustworthy farmers to raise food for the world. I am 56 years old, which makes me an older than average blogger. I give my children credit for inspiring me to use computers and technology, although I am no expert. The blog has been an interesting way to communicate with family and friends who have a connection to the area, as well as strangers who are interested in our way of farming. Our region is unique in its climate, allowing us to grow a wide variety of crops which provides opportunities to teach about many different grains and processes. If you desire further information, please feel free to reply and thank you for contacting me."
She responded with a question. 
The question that she asked me and 25 others was "What can Washington do to help American business?"
 The article was published yesterday and Ms. Wong sent a link. Click Here to visit the article and see my response. 
I am grateful for the opportunity to participate, but forgot to ask Venessa Wong one important question:
Does this count toward my 15 minutes of fame?


  1. Yay Mom! So excited to hear it's published! Thanks for sharing the link. I'm so proud of you!

  2. Look what happens when you share your story, Mom and return the call of reporter. I'm so proud of who you are, your words, our family, farm and this article. Love ya.

  3. Congrats, Jane. In between the former Secretary of Labor and Conan O'Brien -- not bad!


  4. WOW JK!! This is so awesome. Love the photos too!!

    R and "boys"

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