Friday, September 2, 2011

Canola in the Fields, We're Swathing!

Cattleman Jim took the old self-propelled swather out to open the canola fields. We have decided to swath the canola. The ground has dried enough to drive the swathers around the fields and we hope we won't get stuck in the mud.
Canola is an interesting crop. 
 When canola blooms, the field buzzes, especially on warm afternoons.
 Canola is alive with honey bees.
Canola attracts butterflies and cabbage moths.
The field is swarming with mosquitoes on this damp afternoon. 
Canola grows tall and tangled. 
The blossoms give way to fruit, as all productive plants do.
 It sets small pods that look like little green spikes.
This photo, taken from the ground up shows the tangled mass that canola becomes. 
 The plant's leaves turn yellow from lack of light under the canopy of canola.
 When the ground was so saturated in early August, we were considering the possibility of straight combining the canola. 
 That is not the best way to harvest it. 
In the swath, it will cure and rain will not damage it, as long as the ground does not become soaked. 
When left standing after it is mature, canola can deteriorate in the weather more rapidly than in the swath. 
Welcome, September, to GriggsDakota. We hope you are kind and your weather cooperative.  


  1. Wow- fantastic photos JK!! Happy canola harvesting!!

    R and "boys"

  2. Wow, that is so interesting! We use canola pellets here at our feed mill for dairy & poultry feed. And I use canola oil for cooking. So, it is neat for me to see how it starts out!

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  4. Interesting...
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