Thursday, September 29, 2011

Canola 2011 Complete

 We combined the canola.
 It brought particular challenges this year.
We swathed some of the canola. The rest we have been straight combining.
It was lodged which made it impossible to swath and difficult to combine.
The pods were fully ripe and fragile. 
Each plant contains several stems. Each stem produces several pods. 
Every pod encases over a dozen canola seeds. 
And that is the crop we are raising.
Because of the tiny size of the seed, crack must be sealed up on our machines.
And that is one of the many reasons that we appreciate duct tape.
 The challenge of gathering truckloads of canola is the brittle nature of the dry seed pod and the tiny seed.
Remember that Farmer Fred is a big man and the machines make him look small. 
But when you put the machine onto the Great Plains, it looks like a toy. 
The tiny seed is crushed for healthy oil.
It is also made into meal as part of dairy rations, that's food for dairy cows. 
So the combines move back and forth in the canola fields 
Until all that is left is stubble and chaff. 
The combines pull around 
And line up for tomorrow in GriggsDakota.


  1. Nice detailed post on the canola harvest! Love the photos. And yes, duct tape is a farmer's friend! Check out my post on our canola harvest

  2. Teresa,
    Thanks for sharing your canola post. Very well done. Loved the swathing at night picture.

    Farmer Fred

  3. Nothing is prettier than that beautiful yellow in the field...

  4. So many things I have wondered about and now you show me. I have seen Canola growing but that has been it, I don't know anything else.

  5. very interesting...great photos...