Monday, August 29, 2011

Yes, She is 106!

My great aunt Iris celebrated her 106th birthday yesterday. She is the oldest person I have ever known. This is my favorite picture of her. 
Iris celebrated her birthday with sandwiches, garden tomatoes, rhubarb sauce, plus cake and coffee. We sang, she laughed and enjoyed the fuss, even though she feels she doesn't deserve it. She says that she is an "aberration," and I cannot argue with that. Iris has been deviation from the normal state of a person born in 1905 for several years. The normal state of someone born 106 years ago is not something we generally celebrate. However, I like to remind her that she is not just an aberration. She is much more than that. Although she has never been married or had a child she has, by default, become the matriarch of a family that loves her. Her mind is still sharp and memory sound. Her thirst for life remains unquenched. An aberration such as this is a gift to all.

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