Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wheat Harvest Mudding Along

Today was a beautiful day.
Summertime temperatures made it muggy.
Recent rain makes it muddy.
The air was filled with mosquitoes and a helicopter was flying overhead.
We managed to get a combine out onto the hills and continue the Winter Wheat harvest. We started in late afternoon and are running it through the dryer. The CaseIH 2388 is equipped with duals and rear wheel assist which I'll explain in more detail on another day. We are equipping our combines to deal with mud as best we can.
The road to the hills was muddy, so only necessary vehicles traveled the trail.
The trucks stayed with me on the gravel road.
There is water everywhere, but we are combining what we can. If the weather would cooperate, we could finish up the Winter Wheat in three days or so.
But as the water makes its way onto the road, more rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. And yes, I wish I could send it off to all of the farmers who are parched and thirsty. This is the muddiest harvest anyone can recall.

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