Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a Combine with Tracks Can Do

Farmer Fred has been running the CaseIH 2388 combine with tracks through Winter Wheat and Barley harvest and I thought you would like to see what it can do.
There were water birds on a small slough in the field.
As I approached, some took to the air.
Other birds were determined to stay on the ground and eat their dinner, but eventually were scared away by my presence.
 This area of the field is not a slough in a normal year. In fact the Spring Wheat was planted where the water is standing.
The heavy rains, much of which fell in August, did not  keep the wheat from maturing and producing a crop. The tracks on the combine allowed Farmer Fred to harvest all the wheat in the field. The combine has not been stuck and we hope it never will be. 
 Over hill, over dale he just leaves a muddy trail. 
And the harvest keeps rolling along. 
Farmer Fred is satisfied with the tracks on his combine. He is able to complete the harvest of each field with one pass. This saves time and headaches.
 The recent rains have been sprinkles and some rains have missed us altogether. The ground is  much firmer in most places than it was when combining began, so we continue.

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