Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sunflowers-Sunshine on the Cloudy Plains

Sunflowers were waving at me as I drove by on a mostly cloudy evening. 
Some of the heads were tight and green.
Some were showing their petals while still tucked in the bud.
But most of the flowers were just opening. 
It was the boost of sunshine that I needed to see. 
We don't raise sunflowers on our farm anymore. We have been discouraged by bird damage which is discussed in the post on the link. 
 But sunflowers are grown here and they are beautiful. 
The best sunflower combine headers in the world are manufactured near GriggsDakota.
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Turning to leave the field made me feel like I was in the back of a classroom. The sunflowers are turned and ready to face the sunrise expectantly. 
Within hours this field will be buzzing with bees as they discover the blooming flowers and set about their work of gathering pollen to make honey.
A quick wave goodbye as I leave with a smile.
There is sunshine in the fields near GriggsDakota.


  1. Hi Mom, I can't wait to go on a drive to take sunflower pictures. There are fields and fields full of them just west of us but they aren't open yet. Beautiful pics.

  2. :) beautiful pics of beautiful flowers

  3. these are beautiful. thanks for a generous helping of sunshine today!

  4. Hi I'm from Catalonia. I love your blog I also have one is:

  5. Love the photos JK!! :)

    R and boys