Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Harvest, A Little Rain

Before there was wheat in the bin, the plan changed. We decided to use our grain dryer to finish drying the wheat rather than store it. If we don't get it into the elevator promptly it becomes more complicated to deliver. So, we chose the quickest way, which is often the best way on a farm.
We were optimistic about getting through the day without rain showers, but as the day wore on, the forecast for rain increased. 
We did manage to get a few hours of combining in. The yield is below what we hoped for, and the quality is not up to standard. It was far from a perfect season, but we are glad to have some wheat to harvest. It always feels good to be started.
Now it is raining and we will have some time to catch up with the grain dryer. The weather forecast for next week is drippy, too. If we all boo loudly, do you think the weather forecasters will change it for us? Let's try. All together on three. One, two, three...

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