Friday, August 19, 2011

Installing a Firm Foundation

I have been telling you about our saturated hills this week and that saturation has also reached our bin site. 
There have been bins up here for over 40 years. This year it became clear we needed to shore up the ground to ensure our trucks don't sink into the mud on the hill.
We ordered rock that is sized, round with an approximate one inch diameter. Like giant pea rock. 
We used a blade to spread it and fill in the deep holes that have developed. 
The rock is mixed with shale which should break down and hold the rock in place as we use the area.  
Anyone who drives up there, including me as I deliver meals,  can tell this holds the promise of a big improvement. 
I deliver meals to the field noon and supper when we are harvesting.
If the timing is right and they are finishing a field, we take a few minutes to eat together and discuss the day's events.
The bag meals are my family's favorites. We have experienced fine dining. We fuss over holidays and follow fabulous family recipes for special meals. But our hearts are out in the field. 
We're farmers and this is harvest.
The barley appears to be ready to go. We don't dare swath it this year, so it will have to go into an air bin. No running barley through the dryer or you can't turn it into beer. 
 The green spots will pose a problem. They will be wet and hard to get without curing in a swath. Who knows? The ground may be too muddy to get there.
Even with a zero percent chance of rain, we get a shower every night. Harvest continues in GriggsDakota.

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