Monday, August 22, 2011

In August, I wish I was a Gardener

I have never been a great gardener, but have had a few ripe tomatoes starting last week. More are ready every day and a great addition to the sandwiches that we eat out of bags this time of year.
I planted six tomato plants in pots as an experiment. I have never done that before. I put a marigold in each pot to help discourage bugs. There are no bugs, but I'm not sure if that is because of the marigolds. 
 I planted some tomatoes in the ground, too and they have had an abundance of rain, so they look pretty good. I deserve little credit. Robbie did the weeding. I am a discouraged gardener this year. It has to do with a much loved horse that got loose and enjoyed the garden earlier this summer. Munching and stomping as she enjoyed the tender plants. I knew I should put a fence up. 
Next time...
Remember last Spring when I started Bells of Ireland indoors? I was a little intimidated by the warning on the seed packet.
They have been lovely. I have a special fondness for them as I used them in a flower arrangement at the fair when I was in 4-H. My grandma loaned me just the right bowl and the Bells of Ireland were surrounded by white asters. A blue ribbon arrangement, as I recall. 
The sweet peas are sweet smelling as August continues. Every day is a treasure.


  1. I'll bring you bushels of tomatoes, Mom! Robbie did a lot of my weeding also. I'm trading him canned salsa from the tomatoes. :)

  2. bells of Ireland are a favorite. and you're NOT a gardener? right...