Thursday, August 18, 2011

Case IH 2388 Now has Tracks

 There is a familiar combine sitting by the shop of our favorite machinery dealer.
And a happy Farmer Fred is ready to drive away in our Case IH 2388 that has been outfitted with tracks.  
The guys gather around to give Farmer Fred some insight and pointers. The most important admonition: "Don't get stuck or we're all in trouble."
It was a big decision to invest in the tracks, but we do have a crop in the field. We are determined to do all we can to gather the harvest. 
So this combine came to the Winter Wheat field to join the combining crew. We had been going with our dualed 2388 since noon. The grain is smoking dry. Our grain dryer was shut down in early afternoon today when the wheat reached the safe storage moisture of  13.5 percent.
Farmer Fred took the track combine out to an area that was too wet to get through. The combine struggled a little and Farmer Fred learned a thing or two about what to expect when he gets into sticky situations. But he didn't get stuck and felt lucky.
 Since we no longer have to dry the grain, we are hauling it directly to the elevator to sell it.
We love harvest. It is the pinnacle of our season. No matter how difficult, we feel fortunate to have a crop and enjoy the challenge of bringing it in. 
Smoking dry grain and soaking wet ground will be a challenge. We have one combine with duals and rear wheel assist that can get much of the wheat in the field. 
It looks like the tracks added to the other combine will help us to harvest even more acres in the the muddy fields of GriggsDakota. 


  1. I've been eagerly awaiting this post. How exciting. Yay for technology!!

  2. I've been watching the YouTube videos that Dad showed me. I'm going to get my camera out there to get some rockin' video of him. This is a FANTASTIC blog post and great captures, Mom.

  3. With a late harvest you gotta do what you gotta do!! I say its ingenious!! Happy harvest to all of you!!

    R and "boys"

    Great photos as usual, JK!!

    Paul is moving into Fulton Hall tomorrow- Room 236- just down the hall from our room!! Isn't that cooler than cool? going to visit "our room" tomorrow when he moves in!!

  4. Some farmers here in the east use them on machinery being used for first-cut alfalfa. It's a big investment but worthwhile - not only do they keep big machines from sinking, they help prevent soil compaction.

  5. Really interesting, probably a tough call to make! Good luck getting all the wheat out!

  6. We have yet to put tracks on our combines but this past spring we bought a Case Quadtrax tractor, which my brother used to do all the seeding and didn't get stuck once in the wet fields. So we're impressed with the tracks. Happy to hear that you'll be able to get more of your crop. As farmers we look forward to harvest every year and it can be frustrating when the weather doesn't cooperate. Good luck with your harvest!