Friday, August 26, 2011

August's Final Friday

I went out to take photos of empty barley fields last night.
Farmers favorite way to see their fields this time of year is empty. 
An empty field means grain in the bin. 
The combine left a ribbon of barley in the stubble for me to enjoy. 
I'm tired tonight. This week has been a grind as I have prepared and delivered over 100 bag meals to our fields. Twice each day I hauled the cooler and the box of bags to wherever the combine crew was working. It has been a labor of love and I am not any more tired than anyone else on our crew. 
It hit me then that this would be the final Friday of August. Next week Fall will arrive with September in GriggsDakota. 
 The thought made me turn and enjoy the last of the sunlight.
I made Butler promise to go on walks with me every day, even when we are tired.
 Sheyenne knows to enjoy the green grass. Our abundant rain has made her Summer grazing sweet and plentiful.
The wind was blowing, through the evening, probably bringing a rain shower. Instead of studying the clouds I noticed how beautiful the ripples in the water are.  
The straw became too tough to combine before dark. The barley we are now combining was seeded after Memorial Day and is not dry, but going into an air bin. 
Summer is short in GriggsDakota.


  1. Over 100 meals!? You are simply amazing Mom. Simply amazing!

  2. You're my hero. Take more pictures of cooking but the fields are lovely.