Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Storms In

We turned the Summer over to August and after only two hours the storm began.
 As July ended the fields of Winter Wheat were turning golden.
Though not a perfect season, our crops are looking so much better than many areas of Greater Dakota.
The barley is showing a touch of color and there is a bit of the perfume of ripening grain wafting about as I walked into the edge of the field. The ground was muddy, even though there had been no rain for several days in a row. 
 But August spilled buckets of water all over the area.
Rain totals varied from 2-6 inches in our area.  Much too much for August.
I decided to stay in sight of the highways as I photograph today.  
The water is running fast and washing over our gravel roads. There are trees and branches strewn about.
Some spots in our area received their total average rainfall during the month of July. 

Haying is at a standstill. 
Now it is August.
We begin the monthly measuring again. 
Despite the pounding rain and roaring winds, our crops look pretty good in GriggsDakota. 
If it doesn't stop raining, we will not get those crops into the bins. 
We need sunny days to dawn as we travel through August or there will be no harvesting. The grain will rot in the fields along with our investment of time and money. We will not be able to drive our machines through this mud. Some fields are simply inaccessible. Many of our simple dirt roads are too water logged to carry the equipment needed to harvest. That is a grim possibility that is getting more real every day.
We are looking for blue skies in GriggsDakota.

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