Monday, July 25, 2011

Juneberries are Ripe

 It seems only days ago that Spring finally arrived in GriggsDakota and the Juneberries in the shelter belt were blooming.
Click here to visit a post where I explain our row of June berries. 
This row has been growing and blooming for many years, but we have gathered few berries from the branches. 
Although they bloom beautifully in the Spring, the berries never made it to the kitchen.
 The minute a berry gave a flash of purple ripeness, it was picked off by a bird.
 For picking, we like to wait until the cluster has several ripe berries in it. The robins, cedar wax wings, and many other varieties of birds were always watching and got to each ripe berry ahead of me.
So I found a new ally. Green netting went over the row while the berries were green. 
It protected the berries while they ripened. 
We checked it daily and set a bird or two free. A few birds were able to sneak under the netting and unable to find a way out. Butler was quick to notice where the birds were hiding. Sometimes they were flying around in a panic under the net. It was a simple matter to lift the edge of the net and set the bird to flying freedom.
We will have plenty of juneberries for holiday pie. In fact we will have enough to declare several unofficial holiday occasions where we can eat juneberry pie. 
A simple roll of netting solved the problem and now the birds will get our left overs instead of the other way around.

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  1. My mom is having this same problem with her raspberries on our farm - the birds are eating them. Sounds like the net really helps. I'll suggest it to her. Thanks!