Thursday, July 21, 2011

"It Wasn't My Idea"

Never subtle, we asked Cattleman Jim directly and incredulously, what in the world he was doing. 
There are chains fastened to the mower that dangle around as he mows hay. 
There is a bar fastened onto the front of the old mower tractor with chains hanging from it. 
His first response was to assure everyone that it was not his idea. 
He then explained that he had signed up for a government sponsored program and this gadget on the tractor was designed to scare birds and wildlife so that they would not be injured by the mower as it passes through the hay field. Mother ducks  and unattended fawns, as well as other birds stay still in the grass rather than run as the sound of the mower approaches. The chains could save their lives.
Cattleman Jim  reports that a couple of fawns and a couple of ducks have made their escape as the chains disturbed the grass. The mower passed by with no bloodshed in the fields. Will it make a difference in the overall well being of wildlife in GriggsDakota? I don't know, but it is an example of how farmers are cooperating with wildlife experts. As I have told you before, farmers provide most of the food and habitat for wildlife in the US. 
So, for now, it's not a bad idea, even if it isn't Cattleman Jim's idea.

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  1. I absolutely love this blog post Mom. Great example of government regulations impacting farmers and actually seeing it positively work! (Even if it's not Uncle Jim's idea!)