Friday, July 15, 2011

The Inspector and the Analyst Explore the Office

The Farm Inspector and the Ag Analyst like to explore possibilities.
So they were excited to visit Power On Kirsti at her office.
The Farm Inspector was interested in the computer Kirsti  was using. The Ag Analyst wanted to check out some equipment. 
Very practical for our very wet season. 
And not too stinky, either.
They inspected and analyzed other offices. 
 Then headed out to the shop to take a look at the truck
and spools of cable. 
The Farm Inspector and the Ag Analyst found that there are some wonderful things about working in an office.
Going out to lunch is certainly one of the best parts.
 They carefully considered what to order, then made their choices.
The food was good. The service second to none. Dessert included a new toy.  
Office work looks like fun. Thank you Power On Kirsti!

1 comment:

  1. Power-On Kirsti wishes she had visitors like the girlies everyday! That was a fun occasion, indeed.