Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Geese Enjoy Barley

The geese, visible on the right side of the above photo, fly away as soon as they notice my pickup. They have been munching on our barley field. 
There are also gulls on the field. They are eating insects. 
Eating insects is fine with me. They are welcome to stay, but the gulls fly off as I approach. The whitetail doe watches me carefully as I drive slowly in her general direction. She probably has a fawn hidden nearby. 
Before long, she turns and leaves the field, but I am confident that she is not going very far. 
This barley field is near water. 
The geese, many young or molting and unable to fly well or far, have worn a path from the water to the barley.
They left their calling cards so there is no doubt who is responsible. 
The tender green barley leaves make great food for the geese. Farmers, by one means or another, provide most of the food for wildlife. 
The geese manage to leave the weeds in the field. The birds must have acute vision to pick across the rows of barley and eat only the tender shoots of the barley plant.
 If we can convince the geese that this is not a peaceful spot, they may find some other acceptable food source.
Butler and I plan to continue to chase them away.

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