Friday, July 8, 2011

The Ever Changing River

What is it about the river that we find so fascinating?
It might be that from one moment to the next, it has changed. It has moved on, day and night, different than it has ever been before this moment. A metaphor for life itself.
The river wears at its own banks. When given a chance, the river cuts a new and faster path for the water it carries. It feels no need to behave itself, if given an opportunity to change. The farmer's field is now inaccessible. The river runs faster and stronger than it did yesterday. It never looks back.
Water is its mistress. River sticks to its mission of carrying water to the lowest point over the land.
Water is full of urgency. It cannot wait.
The river must oblige.
The river prefers to be peaceful. It continues to move and will contribute to another. The rivers join to become larger than each one could ever be alone.
The valley of the river appears tranquil most of the time.
But when water takes over, the river is wild. It rolls and jams, then surges and tears at whatever is in its flooded path.
We cannot resist the magic connection to life and land.
The river is hard to live with, yet no one can live without water. The river exists to carry the water. It brings life to all of us.
So the river rolls on and draws us in. Time passes and days go by, never exactly the same as they were.
Our love for the river remains.

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