Thursday, July 14, 2011

An Auction Brings an Improvement

Like Farmers everywhere, Farmer Fred scours the farm papers to find auction sales when he needs a piece of equipment. He especially likes retirement auctions. They are usually selling perfectly good things for a relatively happy reason. No one is forcing the sale and no one has died. The farmer has chosen to have the sale and turn the farm over to someone else.
Farmer Fred doesn't want to bring home a pile of things he might need someday that are sold off the trailers. Our farm, like all farms, has a trailer or two of that kind of stuff already. He is task-oriented which tend to make his auctions purposeful.
 Today he will look at the trucks.
The trucks are being thoroughly checked out. 
The truck that carries our water tank and spray mixing equipment has died and it may prove cost effective to replace our old truck. This truck is the one he wants. 
Now Farmer Fred has to stand around and pretend he doesn't really have an interest in anything in particular. 
He watches the action and joins in the laughter. 
And waits with the other bidders as things are sold. 
As bidders look things over, there are phone calls being made. The farmers call their partners which are most often sons, daughters, or wives. Some are probably calling bankers to get a firm idea of their budget. Others may be calling machinery dealers to determine actual retail value and there may be machinery dealers among the bidders. An auction price should be a bargain as there is no guarantee or service contracts. You bid, you buy, you take it home as is.
Farmer Fred enjoys the afternoon of visiting under a perfect sky. It's a cool and comfortable day for mid-July. 
His bidding was successful and he brought home the blue truck to use as a water truck. 
Robbie steps up to look it over. 
Then begins the process of converting the new purchase into the water truck we need in GriggsDakota. 
He can't help but wonder, is this really an improvement? But, of course, the engine works.

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