Monday, July 11, 2011

AdFarm Soybeans: Green and Growing

It has been over a month since Robbie planted the Pioneer 90Y42 Soybeans on the 
AdFarm North Dakota farm.
The soybeans had a slow start following their planting as our June weather was wet and cool.
 Click Here to visit the post that shows planting day.
Our weather has warmed up in the last week and the soybeans have put the abundance of moisture to good use. There is visible growth taking place every day as our daily highs have been in the upper eighties Fahrenheit with nights staying in the upper sixties.  
There are places that were too wet to plant in this field. The soybeans are RoundUp Ready, so the application of that herbicide will take care of the weeds that will grow up in the unplanted area as well as in the planted area. 
It is important to remember that although the Pioneer 90Y42 variety of soybeans will not be harmed by a proper application of RoundUp, the RoundUp ready plants can be controlled in the future with other herbicides or cultivation methods.
 Soybeans are adaptable. They are persevering despite our difficult growing conditions. Shareholders in the AdFarm North Dakota acres have a crop that is off to a good start. 


  1. Thanks for the pictures! Is it ok if I use one in my science fair project about soybeans?

    1. Yes, indeed. We love science fairs. If you want to contact me through the blog and tell me which you would like to use, I will send you the files. Agriculture needs scientists, good luck. Jane