Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Storms Fly By

We like things neat and straight in Griggs Dakota, like rows of barley in the field.
Roads are easier to maneuver when the load sloshes, if they are straight and even.
But we love the wild side 
Which flies by when we look up. 
 There is no particular pattern
It's usually different in every direction 
And somehow it sets us free 
from the mundane work days.
It adds drama. 
It is unpredictable as it unfolds its fury 
 The sky brings devastation
and hope 
A loophole of escape for some 
But not everyone.   
 We watch and wait.
No one knows how to fence the sky in.
So watch and wait.
All the sky photos were taken on Monday evening. So far so good in GriggsDakota. 

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  1. A fantastic post, JK!! Actually, they all are fantastic and I look for them daily!! :) Happy summer!!!!

    Rennae and "boys"