Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seeding Canola with the Farm Inspector

Farmer Fred stopped by to invite the Farm Inspector out to help seed canola. She was filling her pockets with fruit snacks and asking about drinks for the cooler as I was trying to get this photo.
Then off to inspect the new tractor.
They were going a few miles down the road, so she was happy to find a passenger seat with a seat belt. The Farm Inspector is famous for saying,"Everybody strap up!" whenever a vehicle is on the move.
The ride to the field went well. "No stops from the police," she reported. Now she wanted to see how things worked when Farmer Fred started seeding canola.
Off they went. It is late in the season to be planting canola, but the ground and air are still cool, so it may be fine this year. There is no choice, so we hope. 
The Ag Analyst watched with interest. She discovered two caps in the pickup and she quickly put one on herself and claimed the other for her sister, the Inspector. She watched the field work from the pickup hood.
The Analyst was warm from the pickup engine, so off with the sweatshirt as she eats a bag of fruit snacks. Analyzing takes energy, a girl's gotta eat.
The Ag Analyst was impressed with the progress Jake was making while seeding another part of the field to canola.
The morning was cool, when you are not sitting on top of a warm engine, so back on with the hat and sweatshirt as we waited for the Farm Inspector. 
As Farmer Fred and the Farm Inspector made their way back to us, The Ag Analyst made it clear that she did not need to analyze anything in the tractor or on the drill. 
The Farm Inspector would have happily ridden much longer. At least until her pockets and Farmer Fred's cooler were empty. She reported that you have to drive a little bit fast, but not too fast when you are seeding canola. Sometimes you can drive with no hands. More on that another day.
We are happy to report that there is canola in the ground in GriggsDakota.


  1. Adorable! And happy news too. Canola is in and the ladies are running the show. Few things are better than that. :)

  2. We tried canola once. Not a market for it around here. The stalks after harvest are razor sharp. And the seed is teeny.

  3. Cute photos!! I think the buddy seat is the greatest improvement to tractors. We have even put a car seat in one. ;)

  4. Canola is a specialty crop that is hauled to a specific elevator a couple of hours drive away. And yes, Emily, the buddy seat is wonderful. We rigged a shelf in the back of the cab of the old IH1486 where Robbie took his afternoon nap. That boy would have lived in a tractor cab. He would climb into the dryer at home to pretend it was a tractor cab. Anyway, car seats and seat belts are a much safer option. Thank you to all for reading the GriggsDakota blog!