Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Ocean of Potential- Winter Wheat Headed!

There are some things that never get old. 
For farmers, one of those things is the thrill of watching a wheat field form waves in the wind. 
The wheat whispers and dances as the joy of a true Summer day has descended upon its field. 
 I share its joy, even though I left my boots at home and was wandering into the muddy field in my sandals. It smells like Summer: a warm mix of earth and vegetation.
There are struggles this season, the crop potential is uncertain, according to what I have read. 
This wheat made it through a brutal Winter is battling on toward maturity. 
"There is no heavier burden than a great potential." Charles Shultz gave Charlie Brown those words. The Winter Wheat is showing great potential, yet there are many days of uncertainty ahead.
But we had what we needed today. Today the wheat and I were laughing in the wind blowing through GriggsDakota.

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