Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goodbye to the Case IH MX285

Our friend, Leroy, from the local Case IH dealership came by today and picked up the Case IH MX285 tractor we had been renting to pull our Concord drill.  
We are far from finished planting, but our Case IH 8950 has been repaired and is ready for the field once again. 
The ramp seemed tricky to back onto as Leroy expertly maneuvered the tractor onto the truck. 
 The outside tires are actually wider than the truck bed, but the tires closest to the tractor body can easily hold the tractor up as it travels down the highway on this truck. 
 This is the most glamorous part of any tractor's existence. The MX285 is not broken down and on an ambulance ride to the tractor hospital. It has been a GriggsDakota conquering hero that rescued Farmer Fred when he needed help. This tractor made a big difference.
 A bit like being a really important dignitary in a parade, as it travels back to town. 
We went out scouting and found that the barley is up and growing. Barley likes the cool weather, but could do with less moisture.
Everyone, except of course the geese, can agree that it is too wet everywhere in GriggsDakota. 
We are still unsure if we will get every thing planted. The forecast is wet and June is late to plant. It is nice to see barley in the rows on this cold and cloudy afternoon. It is Spring and the earth wants to grow. That is encouraging for farmers.
As Leroy fastens the departing tractor down for its ride, we are planning to get back in the field ASAP. The Case IH 8950 will no longer be pulling the Concord Air Till Drill. What will be powering it over the land?  I'll show you tomorrow.

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