Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flexibility + Fortitude = Gumby Award

The Concord Air Till Drill is done for another season. We used it to plant barley and canola. We also used it on corn and bean acres to apply fertilizer.
Robbie and others then followed with the planter to put the corn, soybeans and pinto beans into the fertilized fields. This machine has the ability to properly place the larger seed of these crops. Even seed placement results in a higher germination rate followed by better absorption of water and nutrients. 
Proper fertilization of soil is an important scientific process. The soil in the fields is analyzed in late Fall. Recommendations are made so we know what elements need to be added to the soils for each crop.From the Soil Test Results we formulate a plan for fertilization on each field for the specific crop that we plan to raise. In midsummer we do tissue analysis of crops to be sure that the plants are absorbing the nutrients as intended.
Click Here to visit the post AdFarm Tissue Results.
The truck box is filled with fertilizer blended at our local elevator. It contains 5% zinc, a micronutrient, which are the white flecks in the mix. Isn't it amazing that such a small amount of an element can make a difference in a crop? Zinc in an essential nutrient for plant, animal, and human nutrition. The Concord "plants" these particles of fertilizer underground where the seed will be. It is important that the fertilizer elements are water soluble and available to the developing root system which in turn boosts plant health.
 Fertilizing is a very expensive input in crop production, but modern agriculture is working to keep things in balance. We are glad there is reliable science to make decisions wisely and as cost effectively as possible.
This has been a season filled with challenges and last minute changes. Farmer Fred and the gang deserve a Gumby Award for flexibility and fortitude in getting our crop planted. This guy is an old favorite from our days in Simmons Advertising, Inc. He has been on the shelf for years just waiting to make his debut in GriggsDakota. I hope we find reasons to announce an occasional Gumby Award in the future. Flexibility and Fortitude are essential elements in GriggsDakota. 
Three cheers for Gumby.

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