Friday, June 3, 2011

Excuse me, It's June in GriggsDakota

January is well and good. 
Even beautiful in its own way. 
But this is June. 
June is love. 
June is water that moves in ripples and waves. 
June is new life.
And hope.
June is full of possibilities. 
The earth insists on growing.
In June 
 The leaves will all burst forth, no matter how late the Spring. June will always be green in GriggsDakota.
I imagined this tree as a bride. Notice the aisle ahead of her and the waiting groom and pastor at the front of the gathered witnesses. 
The bride is decked out in the finest, most delicate garment. 
 Her mother thought the bridal gown was a bit revealing and could have been a few inches longer.
But, the bride is radiant as the wedding is about to begin. 
You have to excuse me, it's June!

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