Friday, June 10, 2011

Bloomin' Irresistible

The appointed task was to check the winter wheat and I had every intention of doing just that.
 Farmer Fred was moving down the road to plant another field of canola. The canola planting is now complete in GriggsDakota.
The winter wheat field looks good from the road. 
There is plenty of moisture for the wheat to grow on in the fields. 
 Spring is the wettest time of year in GriggsDakota. Winter wheat takes advantage of that and gets growing early in the season. It uses moisture in soggy ground. This is a good thing in a year like we are having. 
I intended to swing around the corner, park the pickup and take close up photos of the wheat. 
 But June caught me again with her bloomin'. Purple and gold, lavender and yellow, with the contrast of leaves and branches. I forgot about the wheat.
 It was lilacs growing with caraganas and both blooming together.
Caragana are also known as Siberian Peas and are very hardy in Greater Dakota. 
They are often planted on the North side of windbreaks because they can stand up to the wind and branch low to the ground to stop snow. 
Caragana blossoms are often subtle. A reward for enduring a cold Spring is remarkable blossoms in GriggsDakota. It is as if they had all the time they needed to bring forth their very finest show of color this year. 
I always assume that the lilacs were planted by the pioneer woman in charge. Many of these lilacs have been growing and blooming for over a hundred years. Their perfume is sweet and strong and there is a little wren singing in there somewhere, but I cannot find her. Wrens are so tiny, but I keep peering in toward the music. She finally stops singing and flies to a higher perch. No photo, I wasn't quick enough. 
 Even the grass had blooms growing in its thick mat.
So, I didn't go back to the wheat field. 
Because I could see it from here. 
And that was good enough today.


  1. Love seeing the lush green winter wheat and yes the blooms in the farm yard are beautiful. I wonder if I could get caragana to grow in our yard as a wind break?

  2. Those are some great photos!