Monday, June 6, 2011

Bison by the Road

The evening was as close to perfect as it could be, with the sun in the west and the wind calmed down from its daytime blow. We received a call to head out to the field on an errand. We drive this road often, but the sight on this night nearly took my breath away. Bison, from the Tatanka Bison Ranch owned by Scott and Sonya Syverson, were near the road. 
The Farm Inspector and the Ag Analyst were helping and happy to see bison close up. 
The wood ticks are out in great numbers, which fascinated the Ag Analyst. She especially delighted in stomping on them after I threw one to the ground.
The largest animal native to North America, bison are rugged and majestic. 
Not beautiful in a conventional sense, but riveting, none the less. They seemed very contented. There was no bellering, just an occasional grunt coming from the adults.
For more information on bison as meat, here is a link to USDA's fact sheet on bison.
The calves were chewing on the tender pasture grass. 
There was enough grass in the pasture to convince some calves, and probably their mothers, that they were hidden from view. 
Notice the tractors in the background. Field work again commenced and has continued all weekend.
Bison produce calves every two to three years. The calves generally stay with their mothers for two years. Visit The Nature Conservancy Canada website, to learn more about bison.
Bison, the magnificent herd of the Great American Plains.

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  1. Great pics Mom. The Farm Inspector and Ag Analyst adore their hand me down boots and I just love the pic of the two of them!